brian basloe barclays center Over the course of nine years of dedicated work for the Brooklyn Nets, Brian Basloe has become one of the top strategists for the team.  Tasked with a myriad of responsibilities, Brian’s work has been particularly focused on new product development and revenue growth for the team and its host venue. Brian currently serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Suite and Ticket Sales for Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Nets. In this capacity, he manages a staff of more than 100 employees who are responsible for all suite and ticket sales for both the team and the arena. His position involves an intense engagement with the development of Barclays Center’s signature hospitality products, ranging from Barclays Center Lofts and loge boxes to The Vault suites.  Brian has also assumed responsibility of the New York Islanders’ ticket sales strategy as the team transitions to its new home in Brooklyn. As Barclays Center continues to grow its brand and influence in the sports business sector, Brian’s role is set to evolve as well, embracing an ever expanding range of opportunities.

Brian’s career with the Nets began in 2005 when he was brought on board as Director of Ticket Sales. At 23-years-old, Brian Basloe was the youngest Director of Ticket Sales in the NBA. Two years later, he was personally responsible for selling more than $1 million of the team’s season ticket revenue, establishing a company record that remained in place until the opening of Barclays Center. Indeed, throughout his first five seasons with the Nets, Brian generated record-breaking ticket revenues, while also managing some of its most popular selling programs, including Influencers, Home Away from Home, and Pancakes & Hoops. So successful did these various sales initiatives prove to be that Brian and the Nets are regarded as one of the catalysts for a number of key ticket-sales business strategies, most notably event-based prospecting, a practice which is currently emulated throughout the industry.

In 2008, Brian was promoted to Vice President of Ticket Sales for the Nets making him once again the youngest person in the league in his position. With his broadened role in the team’s business development process, Brian continued driving revenue for the Nets in New Jersey while also beginning to lay the strategic groundwork for the team’s eventual move to Brooklyn. To support both tracks of activity, Brian played a pioneering role in helping to create the Nets Chamber of Commerce, a business-to-business platform for engaging season ticket holders and sponsors. In addition, he launched the Role Play Challenge, a popular tournament-style training exercise for ticket sellers that was subsequently adopted by a number of other sports teams.

With the competitive challenges to ticket sales increasing each year, Brian’s dynamic leadership has become more vital than ever. In recent years, Brian has focused increasingly on product development, advanced pricing strategy, and a holistic, company-wide sales approach, all of which have nurtured the extraordinary, record-breaking success of the launch of the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center.

Brian’s two signature contributions to business strategy in the sports industry have been in the areas of premium sales product creation and maximization of contracted revenue. Of all the competitive pressures facing the industry, the premium sales environment is the most demanding, particularly in a very cluttered New York market. To address this challenge, Brian and the Nets established a unique value platform that led to fully selling-out 4,400 All Access Seats, the most expensive season tickets offered by Barclays Center. Key to the success of this platform was the creation of the first-ever “Loaded Ticket” in major professional sports. These tickets represent a new, tech-savvy concept that enables top customers to seamlessly order complimentary food at arena concession stands throughout Barclays Center. This cutting-edge amenity – combined with enhanced versions of staple benefits such as exclusive pre-sale access to other Barclays Center events and dedicated clubs and business networking channels – made the Nets premium sales effort the most successful campaign in a market that boasts seven new or renovated sports venues in the past seven years.

A still more recent initiative under Brian’s direction has been his focus on maximizing contracted income. With this goal in mind, in the spring of 2013 the Nets launched and successfully executed a $15 million All Access Extension program that enabled customers to add on years to their initial multi-year agreements, thereby increasing the value of the team and guaranteeing long-term revenue performance.

Brian’s diligence and creativity on all of these platforms led to him being recognized as the Most Valuable Employee for the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center in 2012. In his role as Senior Vice President of Suite and Ticket Sales for Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Nets, Brian looks forward to continuing his hands-on supervision of the All Access Program, season tickets, group sales, inside sales and the VIP Services department for the Brooklyn Nets, and continuing to grow his portfolio of responsibilities for Barclays Center.

Brian is a graduate of Duke University with degrees in both Economics and Public Policy.